In-App Advertising During the Crisis: Key Changes, Trends, and New Ways to Succeed

Duration: 45 min

Webinar record in English

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The global pandemic and subsequent lockdown have reshaped consumer attitudes toward apps. 

In the first quarter of 2020, weekly time spent in apps increased by 20%, while global app downloads grew by 17%. Previously popular categories are losing traction, whereas other verticals are surging in popularity. Apps as a whole experienced a massive spike in usage, but the budget for mobile advertising is shrinking, dropping CPM by 14.8%.

Register for the webinar to understand how the app industry is adapting to these new realities. Learn how to adjust your app monetization and advertising strategies to increase your earnings and maintain customer loyalty.

The lecture record has conducted in English without subtitles.  

Who will benefit?


Media buyers

App developers

App marketers

Anyone interested in app monetization or advertising in mobile apps and games

The lecture record plan:

01 -

Global impact of the pandemic on the app industry

02 -

Advertising in mobile apps: key trends for advertisers

03 -

Best-working ad formats and optimization tactics

04 -

Monetization trends & insights for app developers

05 -

Must-have tech and tools for app monetization

06 -

Programmatic ads in mobile apps & games

07 -

Success stories & case studies

08 -

Q&A Session


Yaroslav Kholod

Director of the Programmatic Division at Admixer

Yaroslav Kholod is the advertising and programmatic expert with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Yaroslav and his team develop Admixer.SSP, the programmatic core of all company products. Admixer.SSP provides the company’s partners with quality demand and supply for online advertising.

Fernando Granata

Head of Programmatic Demand at Stack

Fernando Granata is the Head of Programmatic Demand at Stack, the mobile ad tech company behind Appodeal's ad mediation platform and BidMachine's programmatic advertising solution. He is leading the business side of in-app header bidding while handling OpenRTB, SDK, and API integrations. Fernando is also responsible for attracting new DSPs and ad networks, and onboarding new demand partners (both SDK ad networks and programmatic demand).

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