How to Make Your Native Ads Drive Results in 2020

Duration: 30 min

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According to Statista, native ad spends in the US are expected to grow by over 20% in 2020, reaching a total of $52.75 billion. What’s the reason? More and more people are getting fed up with digital ads, so now, native ad units are the preferred ad displaying method since they can blend in with the content in such a way that users don’t perceive them as usual ad banners. By mirroring the context they are placed in, native ads look less distracting and provide extra value for content consumers. 

It's worth to note, however, advertisers will only get higher engagement if the ads are set up correctly.

Who will benefit?


Media buyers

Online media & websites

App developers

Everyone who is advertising online or monetizing inventory with native ads.

The webinar will highlight:

01 -

Native advertising 101

02 -

Top-performing native ad formats

03 -

Performance optimization

04 -

Native ads for publishers

05 -

Success stories & best practices

06 -

The future of native ads


Oleg Sokolan

Director of Demand at Admixer

Oleg Sokolan is an accomplished adtech professional with expertise in business development & analysis, sales, and ad optimization. Oleg started three profitable projects from scratch, including an affiliate network, self-service DSP, and AdExchange. For the past six years, he has been helping advertisers and demand partners improve the performance of their online ad campaigns. Oleg is also an avid practitioner of native advertising and monetization.

Paulina Kluska

Supply Manager at Voluum DSP

Paulina is responsible for developing a trusted long-term relationship with key Supply Partners at Voluum DSP. She is in charge of the whole programmatic process in terms of identifying new business opportunities, onboarding procedures and scaling RTB activity.

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