The evolution of programmatic: what are the key opportunities for brands?

The evolution of programmatic: what are the key opportunities for brands?


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The outbreak of coronavirus and subsequent lockdown profoundly changed advertising. Under pressure from decreasing budgets, marketers are prioritizing more flexible and affordable channels. Programmatic advertising, with its increasing impressions and declined CPMs, should be one of them.

In 2020, 69% of all digital media is expected to trade programmatically, reaching $122 billion in ad spend. Moving programmatic capabilities in-house is becoming a trend. According to IAB, 86% of brands have programmatic specialists on their teams. 

Nestlé puts a heavy emphasis on programmatic. In 2019, they created the Global Digital Media Center of Competencies, dedicated to establishing quality standards for supply and media trading. To learn more about their efforts and challenges, discuss the evolution of programmatic, and explain why brands can’t ignore programmatic today, we invited Liz Salway, the Global DCoC Lead at Nestlé.

The lecture record has conducted in English without subtitles.

Who will benefit?



Account managers

Media buyers

Media planners

Anyone who is looking for new and cost-effective ways to promote brands online


01 -

Why is programmatic more about brands than publishers today?

02 -

What are the main advantages of programmatic for brands?

03 -

How did the crisis change programmatic media buying?

04 -

Audience targeting after the elimination of 3rd party cookies

05 -

What should brands know before adopting programmatic?

06 -

Is it better to recruit an in-house team or hire an agency?

07 -

How many SSPs should you work with to ensure effective advertising?

08 -

Q&A with speakers


Liz Salway

Global DCoC Lead, Digital Center of Competencies, Nestlé

Liz Salway has been working in digital media for nearly 20 years, focusing on performance channels, advertising technology, and programmatic. She specializes in connecting brands with their audiences and driving performance from digital media. Liz worked for TradeDoubler from its start-up days to post IPO and consulted global brands across diverse verticals from CPG, Automotive, Finance, and pure-play digital brands. Liz is currently working within the Digital Center of Competencies at Nestlé, which is part of an in-housing initiative aimed at building digital expertise across the organization.

Oleg Sokolan

Director of Demand, Admixer

Oleg Sokolan is an accomplished adtech professional with expertise in business development, performance analysis, sales, and optimization. Oleg started three profitable projects from scratch, including an affiliate network, self-service DSP, and AdExchange. For the past six years, he has been helping brands and demand partners improve the performance of their online ad campaigns. Oleg is also an avid practitioner of native advertising and monetization.

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